This, of course, isn’t KSHMR’s first ever EP. But it is the first EP ever released on KSHMR’s new label Dharma Worldwide, which makes this abundantly special.

For those who follow KSHMR, you know that he’s one of the few people keeping intelligent and creative big room alive. With his unique Indian influence, KSHMR is able to create vast soundscapes that transport the listener to the slums of Dharavi or the opulence of Mumbai.

For this EP, KSHMR has teamed up with a host of talented producers: Snails, JDG, Mariana BO, Maurice West & No Mondays. Of course, the most recognized name in that group will no doubt be vomitstep king Snails.

Their collaboration, “The Serpent,” has been long awaited by fans and now it’s finally out – and it’s just as grand as you would expect. With anthemic opening chords from KSHMR, Snails takes the reigns for the drop and it’s filthy and we love it.

That isn’t to say that the other tracks aren’t worth listening to, in fact, just the opposite. The opening track, “Festival Of Lights,” is about as KSHMR as any track can be. It’s melodic and powerful without being overtly repetitive or bland. “Kolkata” is deliciously Indian, with plenty of regional flavor to be found in every note. “Divination” is KSHMR’s take on quasi-electro house with plenty of synth chops and an addictive melody.

Listen to all tracks from Materia below, and grab your own copy here.


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