Rezz is the name on everyone’s tongue this week, as her brand new debut album Mass Manipulation just hit the scene, hypnotizing everyone it crosses paths with…

deadmau5 even brought her on his BBC Radio 1 Residency show this week to give his fans a sample of her style. Around 1:19:30 he introduces his protege: “I came across Isabelle’s music back in 2014, she was doing her own thing and not copying the usual trends — which is pretty rare these days.”

“Over to you, Rezz! Don’t mess it up,” he jokes.

Enter her “Clear” remix for No Mana and Zashanell, which seamlessly switches gears from his diverse mau5trap driven mix into the darker side of his label where Rezz thrives. She plays out a few tracks from the new album including “Synesthesia,” “LIVID,” and “Diluted Brains,” offering some interesting commentary along the way.

But, we’re not going to give it all away! Listen for yourself — and check out Mass Manipulation in full here!

BBC Radio 1 Residency: Deadmau5 x Rezz

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