There are lots of ways that DJs like to interact with their fans. Whether it’s over social media in the digital world or staying behind after a set to take pictures, the fans are why most DJs do what they do.

We’re fully aware that DJs like to play video games, it’s no secret. A lot of them have even started throwing contests for fans to come backstage and play games with them, which is honestly super cool. But what if they went even further? In addition to your standard Mario Kart match with Slander at Moonrise Festival, you’ll also be getting a ride with them on their golf kart straight to their stage!

You’ll get to pass by all the backstage things that you always wanted to see, like huge canisters of CO2 for cryo blasts, and you can probably wave at the unlucky bunch that didn’t win the contest as they’re stuck behind the rail! Of course, the best view is from the crowd so you might want to get back into the thick of things at some point anyway.

The contest ends next Wednesday, August 9, so get a move on and enter below!