Earlier today, Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella took to Instagram Live, like he did while was at Electric Forest, to deliver some exciting news about Electric Daisy Carnival’s (EDC) future. Though we weren’t around to capture it, our good friends over at EDM Tunes managed to catch the stream and relay the information.

First things first, the festival experience will remain the same and despite what people may be hoping for, will not be moving to a two-weekend format. Rotella’s announcements seem to be focused on improving the logistics surrounding travel to and from the festival rather than operations and production of the festival itself.

According to EDM Tunes, Rotella has also been clear on maintaining EDC as a dance and EDM focused festival despite breaking ground by having hip-hop acts DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin’ perform at EDC Las Vegas for the first time earlier this year. He added that while hip-hop won’t be on the main lineup, DJs are of course welcome to bring out guests for cameos as they please.

Rotella also addressed rumors about Insomniac’s financial situation having downsized one of its flagship Californian events Nocturnal Wonderland from a three-day festival into a two-day festival this year in addition to reducing its capacity. He commented that the decision was made to return the festival to its more ‘intimate’ roots and was also a strategic effort to ‘desaturate the festival marketing.’

He also took the time to discuss the recent Gary Richards controversy, though there’s been plenty controversy between the two, by confirming that for the past few years, Insomniac had actually owned Richards’s HARD events and promotion brand. It was left to operate on its own but it’s worth noting that Insomniac has a creative partnership with Live Nation Entertainment, the events conglomerate that purchased HARD from Richards in 2012.

Last, but not least Pasquale also squashed any rumors about EDC New York coming back by stressing his point about “quality over quantity of festivals” which he also referred to in discussing Nocturnal Wonderland.

Thanks once again to EDM Tunes and hopefully we hear more news about Rotella’s proposed EDC transportation changes shortly!

H/T: EDM Tunes