If you’re wondering why the map above is covered in pink — that just goes to show how much the United States loves The Chainsmokers!

The New York Times has released a series of images that display the areas in which popular music fandom and culture exists. Of the artists on the Billboard Top 100 this spring, NYT looked at the 50 most-watched on YouTube in the U.S. between January 2016 and April 2017 to gather these results.

The darker parts represent heavy music listening, with preference toward that given artist, while lighter areas mean fans are more likely to listen to a variety of other artists.

Coming in at #6 are The Chainsmokers, by far the most YouTube streamed electronic music act — in comparison, Calvin Harris comes in at #25 and DJ Khaled comes in at #34. The top 5 artists in order are: Future, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots, Justin Bieber and Kevin Gates.

Check out the full breakdown via the New York Times, and listen to a uniquely curated playlist that matches your zip code here!


Source: New York Times