Today’s Avicii EP preview not only saw him tease yet another quality track in “What Would I Change It To,” but also hit us with another A-list collaborator in AlunaGeorge to join the likes of Rita Ora and Billy Raffoul.

The preview clip certainly has many of the more country influences we’ve come to expect from Avicii. The strings and melody shown in the clip certainly reminds us of 2013 Avicii while there’s also a bit of a folk flavour in the record as well which certainly stands out with the more conventional EDM tracks from the EP we’ve heard so far.

AlunaGeorge has the voice of an angel and I'm really happy about releasing this song that we did together! Incase you missed it in the previous tease posts, pre-save on Spotify but just to be safe you should also pre-order at Apple Music/iTunes #avicii2017

Posted by Avicii on Tuesday, August 8, 2017