Malia Obama got turnt up at Lollapalooza over the weekend and the video below of her rocking out to The Killers has gone viral!

Former President Barack Obama must have taught his daughter a thing or two about good music and getting it on the dance floor, because she isn’t messing around with these outlandish moves. While some have criticized the 19-year-old for acting too “crazy,” we’re going to call the video as we see it and simply say it looks like she’s enjoying the music festival the way she wants to. Good for her.

Some public figures worry too much about what others might think for fear of being captured on camera, but it’s awesome that in this moment the once “First Daughter” truly let her hair down at Lolla. Had this been anyone else, no one would really give this video a second glance.

What do you think? — Too “crazy?” Or, “Get it girl!”

Malia Obama Dances Crazy at Lollapalooza

As for this incident, well, NGHTMRE shows can get wild too… Hopefully there’s no hard feelings!