Welp, you read that title correctly. The distribution team at Spinnin’ Records or Heldeep Records probably isn’t having the best day today. Instead of distributing the brand new HI-LO and Alok collaboration “Alien Technology” on Spotify and Apple Music, it looks like they’ve instead distributed the Infected Mushroom & WARRIORS’ version of the 2007 psytrance hit “Becoming Insane.” Not a great look when you realize that Alok and Oliver Heldens (HI-LO) are two of the biggest Spinnin’ affiliated acts at the moment.

Judging by the SoundCloud comments on the proper upload, it looks like the fans are equally confused. For what it’s worth, they also distributed it incorrectly on the Spinnin’ website but then correctly distributed on Beatport, as well. Curiously enough. Redistributing a track on Spotify or iTunes can usually be done in 48 hours or so, so enjoy this wonderful rendition of “Becoming Insane” while it lasts.

Check them both out below and see for yourselves!