Despite new drug safety measures that were put in place by Veld Music Festival this year, paramedics report that 30 people were taken to the hospital with potential drug overdoses over the weekend…

To combat Toronto’s recent spike in fatal overdoses Veld encouraged the use of Naloxone, a drug used to reverse OD effects, in case of emergency. The decision to allow the substance was made in consultation with Toronto Public Health and “in the interest of public safety,” a spokesperson for Ink Entertainment / Veld said prior to the festival.

Toronto Paramedic Services Supt. Kim McKinnon and her team were encouraged by the Ink’s new policy on Naloxone. “Anything that can reduce the harm or reduce the life-threatening situation, and if you’re going to take illegal drugs or medications, to be prepared is a good thing,” she said.

McKinnon also mentioned the hospitalizations ranged from minor to serious, but were non-life-threatening. No word on what substances attributed to the reported overdoses at Veld Music Festival. More info on Veld’s health and safety here.

Toronto police have issued multiple warnings about drugs possibly laced with fentanyl after six people died of suspected overdoses and 20 were taken to hospital over a three day span last month.

Sources: Global NewsToronto Star