Diplo was open and honest about a lot of things in a recent GQ Style interview — including his unfavorable opinions on EDM, a time when Rihanna dissed his sound, and also thoughts on his project with Skrillex

Jack Ü fans, brace yourselves, because it might be easy to take his backhanded compliment to heart.

“Jack Ü was awesome, but it was very young. I want to do something that feels more my age,” Diplo said.

He hopes to collaborate with the likes of Mark Ronson for a totally different project. “I feel like me and Mark can do something more sophisticated,” he added.

Diplo made other comments on Jack Ü during a Q&A session in Sydney, back in March, stating that the “thing with Jack Ü is complicated” because of Skrillex’s association with his record label, Atlantic.

Guess we won’t be hearing any more Jack Ü anytime soon!


Photo via Rukes.com