A curator and master of all things bass, LUZCID has become a hit maker in the underground bass community. From collaborating with the likes of Bassnectar, Jantsen and Holly to garnering support from the likes of Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus, his unique brand of grimey yet intrinsic bass sounds have become a staple in the community. Combining neuro, DnB and just all assortments of experimental sounds and arrangements, LUZCID finally showcases his raw ingenuity with his Hypnagonia EP.

Kicking off with tracks like “Blow Up” which combine heavy bass lines and mad DnB breaks, to “Gotcha” which is reminiscent of that age old Nectar sound, LUZCID wastes no time hopping into things. Following up with “Microphone Check” which combines an almost trap inspired arrangement with gnarly talking basses and rhythmic vocal samples, the track combines riddim-esque stylings with actual arrangement and progressions that bring a breathe of fresh air. Ending with his final two hits “Push Em Up” and “Reminisce,” LUZCID holds nothing back on the experimentation end with all kinds of weird sounds and intensive percussion lines that really flesh out the remainder of the EP. All in all, the Hypnagonia EP is a can’t miss release for any bass fan. Combining hybrid tracks with over the top sound design and a natural talent for captivating song structure, LUZCID proves why he’s slotted to be a major player in the bass community for years to come.

Check out the full EP below and grab it for free download while you can!