Having recently made a new single in the form of the catchy ‘Little Hollywood,’ we tracked down the brilliant Alle Farben to hear more about his current sounds, and future plans.

We love your new work right now! ‘Far Green’ and ‘Little Hollywood’ are both killer releases. How do you feel your approach to production has been this year?

I’m feeling good about my releases this year. The support for two so different tracks is amazing.

Do you feel like you’re still learning as your career develops? What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Sure, I’m still learning. I think it’s always a process and you learn so much about what you do, your projects and there is no end for the learning.

What was it like working with Janieck on ‘Little Hollywood’?

It was the second time I worked with Janieck. I had a track with him on my second album Music Is My Best Friend, it was called ‘Madison.’

It is a pleasure to work with Janieck, we became friends while the work and we also did the music video for ‘Little Hollywood’ together: that was a super fun part. We did a road trip together in the US and it wasn’t only for the camera, it was a real road trip.

Would you be keen to work together again?

Of course! For the future it’s possible to work together again. The work with Janieck was very nice and I also like to have him around me.

A new remix EP has just dropped based around the release… what do you like about each of the remakes?

I’m a big fan of remixes because people get there a deeper insight to songs that you made. You can bring your song with a remix also to a different level. I really like what’s happening on ‘Little Hollywood.’

Where did you find influences when you’re creating new music?

For me it’s to work with other musicians and people. Also to travel and have the time afterwards to work on your inspirations and what happened. It’s important to have the travel, but it´s also very important to stay in the studio and process events.

What is your studio set-up like right now? Do you ever write music on the road?

In the beginning of the year I worked in a studio in Thailand and did many new songs, but they aren’t finished yet. I think in autumn there will be something new, but it’s in the making at the moment.

If you could name three artists/groups who have influenced you the most throughout your career so far, who would they be?

I really like Nora En Pure and back in the past it was Trentemøller!. I love Nora’s club sound – maybe it’s not the influence for the more pop-y stuff but definitely for my club sound.

How is your summer shaping up? Where are you most looking forward to playing over the next few months?

I’m looking forward to the whole festival season. It’s always a pleasure to be on so many different wonderful festivals. But if I have to name one festival it is Parookaville!