It’s now been three weeks since HARD Summer, and Whethan finally dropped one of the remixes that made fans go nuts during his set: Lorde’s “Perfect Places.” Amidst a rather mellow and melodic set, this remix stood out for its energetic and rather off-kilter drop.

Lorde – Perfect Places (Whethan Remix)

The rest of his set lacked his usual intensity, but it certainly wasn’t a negative. He kept fans moving and grooving throughout his set without the use of overused drops and countdowns to “put your fucking hands up.” If anything, it’s a testament to his track selection and his fans’ devotion toward him.

I had the opportunity to speak with Whethan, who only just recently turned 18, after his set.

I noticed your set at HARD this year was a little more mellow, a little more melodic.

Yeah I love to spice it up a bit with some really intense moments, and really slow moments, as well.

And closing with “Savage,” that’s always going to get the crowd on their feet.

Love closing with “Savage.”

I was at your HARD set last year, playing the Green stage, early set – and then next year on the main stage. How’s that feel?

It feels really good. Last year was sort of a last minute thing for me. So this year, going from being the first person on the Green stage to playing the main stage at 4pm was absolutely incredible.

Yeah and back then, “Savage” was still just an ID and now it’s out there. Crazy how things change.

All this stuff is going on with HARD lately – have you ever been on Holy Ship?

Nope, never been. I would like to!

Have any opinions on the HARD thing, in a general sense?

Gary’s a really good dude, I’ve hung out with him a few times. He really supports all the artists that he can. I’ve always loved all the HARD events. Whatever’s going on with it, I don’t know. I just hope that we can all just continue to have fun.

I think that’s pretty much what everyone hopes for, whatever happens it doesn’t change things too much.

Did you premiere any new music in your set today?

I actually did. I premiered one new remix, a new Lorde remix that’s coming out very soon.

Yeah, you know her set was cut short at Lollapalooza because of the rain.

I was actually there, it was like two or three songs in and it just started pouring rain.

Doing anything different for your Lolla set than you did today?

Yeah, bringing out a lot of special guests. I brought out Mascolo who sings on my song “Good Nights” that I just put out a month ago. For Lolla, I’m bringing out the Chicago Bulls drumline who are going to open my set. I’m having Oliver Tree come out to do “When I’m Down,” Mascolo again for “Good Nights,” and I’m gonna have MAX even for “Savage.”

So at HARD Summer last year, I sort of remember you saying you had a track with Skrillex?

Yeah, we’ve worked on a couple songs, nothing finished or official but we’ve definitely been in the studio a couple times and traded some shit. Still sort of in the works, could happen. You always look out for it. But he’s a busy guy.

I ended up in the studio with him the first time I was ever in LA, kind of on accident. We ended up in the same place, he knew one of my songs and just wanted to chill and play music. Might just be on me, just need to finish it.

Any tour coming up?

Got a huge tour coming up, my big debut fall tour starting September, the Good Nights Tour. Bringing out a lot of great support, a lot of friends. Every show is going to have a really good energy – have a good night! But year, it’s going to be almost 3 months on the road, just US and Canada.


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photo