DUCKY is an unstoppable force in music, and seems to be living in harmonious tune with her rad, bassy productions…

Her latest I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP pieces together a collection of DUCKY’s lifestyle and musical influences, touching on past relationships, as she rediscovers and refines her sound into her best work yet. Since finding music production at age 13, DUCKY has paved a successful path for herself, and made it crystal clear for anyone who listens — her first love is music.

DUCKY says if she’s inspired you won’t see her for days. Her unfaltering dedication to her art rings out in each of the five songs on her bold new EP — from the cool, welcoming tones in “Hey,” to the happy hard “Oceans” that come crashing in, the glitchy drum-and-bass-meets-girly-dubstep jam “What U Say,” our personal favorite “Freak Out” that does just that, and “U Were Wrong,” which vibes sweetly and emotionally into a perfect ending.

Needless to say, DUCKY crushes it with I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP… Listen here and to learn more about her project, peep the interview below!

DUCKY –  I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP

Your EDM Interview: DUCKY

First up, do you really fall in love with everyone you meet?

Haha, not anymore!! It’s a title I’ve been holding on to for a while. It definitely held true for me for a long time, though.

Are these songs based on any of those past loves in particular?

Yeah, two of them actually. They’re not in chronological order but I loved the way these tracks flowed together to kind of form their own new narrative out of something in my past.

We’ve undoubtedly fallen for the EP… can you speak on the formation / creative process of the project?

🙂 Thanks! It’s funny, I didn’t quite write it with the intention of creating an EP. The events of my life kind of just unfolded in a way where I was left with these 5 songs about two relationships in various stages. They all came about in this period of huge creative growth for me, where I was kind of rediscovering and refining my sound, and what ended up happening felt kind of magic: not only were they sonically cohesive but somehow formed new story born out of something that was over for me. I’d been holding on to the title since college, and it was clear that it fit. It just felt meant to be.

It’s so cool that you found music so early in life — in what ways have you noticed your sound growing with you?

Yeah! I’m really lucky. It’s hard to describe how my sound is growing with me because it’s kind of growing and changing in every way as I progress — from like, what I write in the first place to how I express emotions, up through sound design, my engineering skills, and how I mix and master. It’s a wild period right now because I’ve really focused in over the past year, and I’ve suddenly reached some breakthrough point where like… if I open a session from even two weeks ago I can’t believe how much I’ve grown. I’ve started to feel confident in my ability to express the emotions I feel and want to share, that I can create and curate an emotional experience for others. That’s really what I’ve always wanted — it’s always started from a deep internal place of emotionality and a desire to share my experience and uplift others. The struggle has just been honing the skills to achieve it.

What’s your favorite part about producing music?

I’m not sure I have a favorite part, it’s more that I just literally don’t like doing anything else.

Any hobbies outside of music — random stuff you’re into?

Well I’ve had a month off touring and been kind of stuck in the studio, so I’ve actually just kind of started the journey of discovering like… what things I actually like besides producing and performing. Because if I’m inspired, you literally won’t see me for days. There’s nothing that’s ever mattered to me as much as music or that I’ve enjoyed more thoroughly. But now I have one of those little Polaroid cube video cameras (sponsor me please!), I’ve been messing about with that and having a blast with video editing apps on my phone. I’m not very good, but I’m enjoying myself. I also have a background in web developing and software engineering so I’ll tinker around and build little apps or try to build something cool for my website. Besides that I spend most of my time playing with my weird little dog, Loki.

DUCKY tour?

I actually have some huge shows coming up soon! Nocturnal Wonderland, Audio on the Bay, EDC Orlando… I absolutely can’t wait. And we’re working on bringing UGH JUST RAVE to other cities right now as well, I think that’s gonna be happening sooner than later ^__^