Years later, and Zedd’s “Clarity” is still making headlines.

The track, which originally came out in 2012 and was featured on Zedd’s debut album of the same name, is one of two Zedd singles to ever go double platinum, and still remains a favorite of hundreds of thousands of Zedd fans. This is heavily in part due to the vocals provided by Foxes in the original song – they’re emotional, powerful, and simple enough to leave a lasting impression.

That impression, as we can see below, is not lost on even 9-year-old Angelica Hale, who covered the song in the quarter finals of this year’s America’s Got Talent. Despite her young age, he voice easily transcends time.

When Hale was four, her parents rushed her to the hospital and found out that she had double pneumonia and her kidneys had stopped working. The doctors told her parents that she was going to die soon, but her mother became the hero and donated one of her kidneys for Hale.

“I would sing to all the nurses and doctors,” Hale said. “Singing just took me away from all the bad things that were happening to me.”

Watch her cover of “Clarity” below, along with the original.


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