Deep Chills is back with a breezy, tropical house track that will make you want to get away with that special someone stat!

“Run Free” dives deep into the feels of a burning summer love in a carefree way, made especially for those down for the ride and in it for the rush. The new single follows up his 2016 deep house hit “Blinded,” but sets itself apart with extra bright melodies and lush, purposeful notes that sound sweet and satisfying from start to finish.

Deep Chills definitely goes deep in a tropical way… This song screams windows down, summertime vibes, and is perfect for blasting on your way to the nearest beach or pool party. Try it out right here!

Download “Run Free” and more of Deep Chills (for free) here!

Deep Chills – Run Free (feat. IVIE)

Photo via Deep Chills / Facebook