K?d and Medasin have both been steadily rising in the future music world, even though they’re both only just 20 years old; with K?d’s penchant for heavy electro sounds reminiscent of Porter Robinson and sometimes Rezz, with whom he’s actually collaborated for “Fourth Impact,” and Medasin’s own brand of forward thinking bass music.

Now, they’ve finally come together in one brilliant package on “1234,” released for free download today. It’s hard to call this a banger… or really classify it in any kind of recognizable way. The vibe is dark and apocalyptic, with minimalist sound design and a sort of outer space atmosphere. The vocal samples are pitched down and near-unrecognizable, with the percussion barely making an impact at all except to provide some semblance of rhythm.

We’re still unsure where this track would fit into a set, other than in K?d’s or Medasin’s own sets, but we’ve no doubt that they have a plan in mind for it.

Check out “1234” below.


Image via K?d