Monstercat HQ is a magical place. Found in Vancouver, BC, the indie label’s office is home to dozens of friendly faces, countless kitty references and seemingly endless inside jokes. Coincidentally, Monstercat HQ is also home to a grade-A music studio where label signees can come together from across the globe to pump out some serious bangers.

Following the absolute madness that was “Unity” on Monstercat’s last Uncaged compilation, the label saw it fit to keep the trend going and matchmake another three-way collaboration; this time with GrantAnevo and Conro. The label flew the three producers up to Vancouver and locked them away in the studio, basically giving them the freedom to put together whatever they wanted to.

The results of this experiment definitely aren’t anything too surprising, with the three future bass producers combining to make… well, future bass. Even so, the collaboration – entitled “Without You” – does end up being a fairly memorable one. “Without You” uniquely combines Grant’s more experimental production style, Conro’s commercial-leaning synths and Anevo’s R&B-influenced writing into one spectacular song, topped off with a complementary topline from Chainsmokers-collaborator Victoria Zaro.

As if the song wasn’t good enough, Monstercat put out a fairly amusing music video to go along with the release of “Without You,” which you can watch below:

“Without You” is taken from Monstercat’s upcoming compilation album Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 2. Pre-order the album here.