As you know, Paperwings have had explosive success this year with remixes of Slander’s “Superhuman” and RL Grime’s “Stay For It“. They are back with yet another stunning remix, this time of Steve Void and Syence’s track “We Won’t Leave You“. The melody driven style that has been crafted by the duo is strong in this new remix, further solidifying their sound. Having only been working together for 10 months now, it’s exciting to think of what the duo will be capable of in the coming years, let alone the next few months.

The track begins with the introduction of a catchy melody. Vocals and a piano are introduced to strengthen the emotions of the track. The vocals dance across the carefully considered drum hits and airy synth undertones. The explosive drop is packed with tight drum fills, addicting harmonies, and overall stunning production. You won’t want to miss this remix.

Check it out below: