Boston-based duo VOVIII (read “Five-Oh-Eight”) have carved out quite the fan-base within the bass community, racking up some serious plays across their diverse catalogue. These guys have mastered the festival sound, cranking out hard trap bangers and equally impressive, softer future-bass styled pieces that really showcase the duo’s talents in the studio. Their latest effort, “CYFI,” falls on the latter spectrum, giving fans some future-bass flair to vibe with.

“CYFI” starts off with a simple intro that sets up the track’s happy-go-lucky mood with light kicks and bright chord-work mixed in with some playful tongue clicks. A catchy female vocal adds a bit of soul to the mix before things move towards their classic future-bass sound. VOVIII switch things up with a bit of jersey club influence, keeping things interesting throughout the track’s three minutes.

Overall, “CYFI” is sure to please any future bass fan looking to beef up their playlist. Stream it below and snag free download here.