DUCKY never ceases to amaze us with her limitless, genre-defying creations and her latest song “Freak Out” is our new obsession…

We’re happy to premiere the third track from her I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP, on the eve of its release. Of all the tracks, “Freak Out” is without a doubt the wildest ride. Punchy percussion and cutesy vocals open up into a thoughtful, bassy intro that tiptoes straight into an explosion of crazy fun sounds that will literally, make you freak out. It’s sweet on the outside, and goes hard as f on the inside.

DUCKY had time to catch up with us for a sec before her EP drop, and spoke about how the song originated: “I can almost never pinpoint where my inspiration comes from. It’s just like a spot in my brain with everything I’ve ever felt and done, every show I’ve played, what I’ve heard, what I like… But I think I started writing that pretty intro for someone I loved, and at some point something clicked and just went, you know, fuck it! Let’s go crazy.”

We’re loving every single bit of the song, and whatever spots in DUCKY’s brain that triggered it. As for what makes her “Freak Out” — “Cute dogs… that’s pretty much it.”

Listen to “Freak Out” and if you need more DUCKY in your life — we got you covered with her Bliss Tape 01 and Your EDM interview here! Check back tomorrow to fall in love with I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet.

DUCKY – “Freak Out”


DUCKY is a SF-bred, LA-based producer and DJ who has been playing clubs since she was 13 (via fake ID vibes). For years she’s been quietly shaping her distinct sound: a range of hypnotic warehouse and experimental club productions, stretching from soft and intimate to full-on hardcore. Moving west from New York on a whim, she quickly bubbled up in the LA and internet scenes with releases on OWSLA’s sister label NEST, Japanese tastemakers Trekkie Trax, Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, Activia Benz, Main Course, and more, alongside her own free weekly release series known as “Rave Toolz”.

With cosigns ranging from Skrillex to NPR Music, DUCKY’s raw emotionality and expert production have earned her a space beyond any one scene. You can find her premiering a track through Fader one day, and slaying a warehouse rave in Los Angeles the next. And with the launch of her own imprint Quackhouse Records, a grip of underground hits last year, and multiple releases on deck for 2017, her genre-free journey has just begun.


Photo via Quasar Media