The anthem, theme song, or psalm for EDC Vegas 2017 this year definitely reminded us of what was in store awaiting the hundreds of thousands of ravers at the worlds premiere electronic music festival. Titled “Electric Sky” by Corporate Slackrs, its almost as if the tune itself was written having the festival in mind.

The phrase “under the electric sky” has a certain ring to it, given that some could consider it a defining term of a movement. The words echo in the minds of the thousands of party goers who flock to the Vegas Speedway each summer for their yearly pilgrimage. “Electric Sky” opens with an ominous atmosphere that gives way to the light fluttering vocal work of Emma Zander and a lowpassed percussion before building into a beautiful layered chord main section. Listening on a solid system, you can hear why this track was commissioned as the EDC theme song, as it sets the proper mood while encompassing musical ideas and concepts that are relevant to 2017.

If you’re not into the downtempo vibe, the DnB VIP mix might just be right up your ally with a high energy rework of the original track. Insomniac made a great choice with this one as it delivers on both musicality and production quality!