IMLAY comes out swinging with his latest EP Shurai, out now on ScreaM Records. Combining his love for the beautiful and melodic alongside the dirty and filthy, IMLAY brings together a blissful combination of heavy hitting trap with emotional future bass tracks in this 6 track compilation. Kicking off with the title track “Shurai,” the trap banger combines the ominous with the ghetto, bringing together heart jerking piano ballads and gnarly bass to get you right in the mood for the remainder of the collection. Teaming with Sik-K on track 2, IMLAY merges trumpet infused future bass with RnB and Korean vocals for a unique blend of energy and smooth stylings while combining both Eastern and Western stylings for a total package that will leave your jaw dropped.

Following up with more melodic style tracks featuring vocals by Laura Brehm on “Daylight” and by Anna Yvette on “Cerulean High,” IMLAY brings you back to summer days with these nostalgic and tear jerking hits, while he follows up with the experimental trap inspired track “Nine Tails.” Finishing off with “Rule the Fire,” IMLAY gives us a chilled out Marshmello-esque track that is both calming yet energizing and leaves you in astonishment.

You can check out the full EP below, and keep an eye on IMLAY as he continues to push barriers with his combination of bliss and energy.