DROELOE have been coming out swinging with their progressive future style which takes the abstract and experimental and combines it into a nostalgic sound that feels familiar and light hearted. Coupling intricate percussion work with intense and warm future production, DROELOE has begun amassing a fanbase of both artists and music consumers alike.

Just off their single “Sunburn,” DROELOE are here with their debut EP and it is an absolute trip. Taking you on a journey of emotion and reminiscing, their new EP A Moment in Time is a saving grace amongst what is a scene filled with tracks normally made just to be a “hype drop.”

Taking you on a journey through time, the intro track “Back When (1997),” though minimal, brings you back to a child like innocence that prepares you for an entire immersive experience while tracks like “Lilypads” and “Homebound” leave you smiling from ear to ear. Ending the collection in a state of bliss, their conclusive song “Just Now (2017)” brings you back to the present, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you reminisce about all the pleasures you’ve felt throughout your own life.

The EP has garnered praise from the likes of San Holo, Illenium, SteLouse and many more, showing just how creative this new collection of tracks is! Make sure to check the release below and follow DROELOE as they head out on a massive tour alongside San Holo and more.