We love, love, love Luca Lush flips. They’re some of the best remixes out there, next to Midnight Kids, Crankdat and the like… but Luca Lush originals are just as good if not better.

In the description on Soundcloud, Luca mentions that “A Boy Brushed Blue Living In Black And White” was born out of a failing relationship and that he was only really able to finish it after it had been sitting in his hard drive for months. Have you ever been playing a video game and you get to a boss and you just can’t beat it? So, you put the game down for a few months, and the next time you pick it up, you beat the boss on the first try. I imagine this song to be much like that scenario.

I’ll let the song speak for itself, but there’s just one element I need to point out. I absolutely love how the vocal chops in the first drop are transposed to horns in the second. It’s such a small detail but it gives the track exceptional depth and diversity – plus, I just absolutely love horns in dance music.

Check out “A Boy Brushed Blue Living In Black And White” below.