One of characteristics of music that hip hop and dance music share more often than not is the willingness to collaborate, to put two artists in the studio together and see what happens. It’s a method used not only to create additional hype for songs (like when DJ Khaled brought Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne together for “I’m The One”) but also to help rising producers rise up ever further together.

Such is the case for this collaboration with rising stars QUIX and Bishu out today on Dim Mak, “Skin to Skin.” Featuring vocals from Cappa, the collaboration takes on the characteristics of a beautiful ballad… right up until the drop. From that point on, it’s a wild ride of sound design and wonky synths that conjures up visions of people going crazy in the streets from some unknown pathogen. It’s sudden and unexpected, and we love it.

Cappa’s vocals are the perfect interlude between wild drops, providing a semblance of calmness between each.

“Skin to Skin” is out now on Dim Mak! Check it out below.