Zeds Dead are back today with their second new original of 2017. Where their collaboration with Illenium was heavy and melodic, this new cut, “Blood Brother,” with Diskord and Reija Lee, serves as the sonic antithesis to “Where The Wild Things Are.”

First off, Reija Lee ranks as one of my favorite vocalists in dance music. If you haven’t already, check out her work with ShockOne and Metrik. Moving on, Diskord is also a rising duo in bass music, having been signed to Circus Records. The combination of both of these artists with Zeds Dead is already asking for perfection.

Note: if you’re looking for a banger, turn around.

Reija’s voice echoes throughout the track, commanding attention and delivering a large portion of the emotionality in the track, followed only by the production itself. And though there is a heavier part of the track, it actually seems a little out of place. It’s quick enough back into the melodic stuff that it isn’t a huge deal, but still prevalent enough that it made me stroke my chin.

Check out “Blood Brother” below!