I’ve gotten to the point where, after nearly a decade of listening to dubstep, I’ve just about heard it all. So when I get new tracks in my inbox, I’m no longer looking for the same old, same old. You need to be able to either improve vastly on something already done, or do something entirely new. Thankfully, the new SQUNTO hits on both of those pretty well.

The track starts out with a pretty standard, horror-themed intro, complete with orchestral strings and distorted synths. But really, it’s the drop that gets my attention and once you hear it, you’ll know exactly why. “Deth Bounce” isn’t just a name, this track really fucking bounces… a lot. And it’s glorious.

“I hit up Squnto after hearing his track Sayim and he sent me this work-in-progress idea called Deth Bounce. When I heard it I was like ‘Woah!‘ Started playing it in my sets and it went off, so knew I had to get it signed for the DPMO Compilation. Sick track!!” – Funtcase

Check out “Deth Bounce” below!

This September, Funtcase undertakes his first headline tour of North America (yes, seriously), taking in 13+ shows, from East Coast to West. All under the guise of his new brand, FuntCase gives you the inaugural ‘DPMO’ tour. Expect the most severe noise, the most intense energy and some of the biggest wubs around. Supporting FuntCase is the immensely talented Phiso, an artist that has been making waves across the underground with releases on Never Say Die and Excision’s Rotten.

If you’re lucky enough to have this one roll through, do not miss out, it will be a life changer.

Tour Dates:

14th Sept: Grand Rapids – Intersection
15th Sept: Tampa – Ritz
20th Sept: Gainesville – Florida Theatre
21st Sept: San Marcos – The Marc
22nd Sept: Puerto Rico – Dreamland
23rd Sept: Miami – Hangar
27th Sept: Seattle – Foundation
28th Sept: San Francisco – DNA Lounge
29th Sept: Los Angeles – Belasco
30th Sept: Ohio – Lost Lands
+ Tour support from Phiso