Random acts of kindness always make for the best stories, and it’s especially dope to hear when our favorite DJ/producers do good deeds!

An interaction between Kayzo and a fan on Twitter is gaining massive upvotes on Reddit via r/EDM after the producer offered a free ticket to his show. It all started when user @Flowmaster77 aka Tanner said he was making a sacrifice to go see Slander b2b Kayzo at an upcoming show…

It’s a choice we’ve all made at some point in our lives — not paying a bill so we can do something we’re just dying to do. In this case, rent was taking a back seat to the b2b action.

Kayzo could have easily read this tweet and moved along, but he answered back…

Thankfully, Tanner can make his rent and get his bass fix, thanks to Kayzo! Awesome stuff!

If you want to check out the comments on Reddit, here’s the post:

Kayzo is such a good dude from EDM

Photo via Scotch Photos