Trance music is good for the soul! That’s something we already know — but a new study suggests it’s also a great soundtrack for working out.

According to Billboard, we should ditch the hard-hitting, adrenaline-pumping playlists for some Mozart and trance music. Trainer David Siik of Equinox originally studied something called the “Mozart effect” to expand his knowledge on the best workout genres.

“I looked at the Mozart Effect as a starting point but I was never planning on playing Mozart in the class,” Siik told Billboard. “All that means is the choice between lyrical music versus non-lyrical music affects the brain and your motivation and feelings. It’s been studied for a long time but it hasn’t really been applied to fitness.”

Soon he started incorporating artists like Armin van Buuren and Radion 6 into his classes and he’s been experiencing amazing results ever since:

“I found that the most robust library falls with the high-energy/trance music, which is perfect because trance by its very nature has a lot of patternization in its notes. It’s great because trance is one of those genres that, even if its not your jam, its the one genre that everybody can tolerate.”

While lyrical music can cause distractions or interruptions in workout rhythm, Siik insists that non-lyrical music with major chords and an overall positive vibe — like trance — can cause the brain to “light up” with good feelings and tons of motivation. This is definitely worth a try!

Source: Billboard | Photo via Bart Heemskerk