It could have happened to any of us, but The Chainsmokers were the ones on camera.

During an interview at Ultra’s first-ever China event, the duo were in the midst of an interview when Alex Pall made a joke about being unwilling to bring his dog to China.

The Chainsmokers shared the promo video of their trip to China early this morning; they quickly pulled it down in the face of intense backlash from fans and others on Twitter.

In the now-deleted video, the interviewer asks Chainsmokers member Alex Pall if he brings his dog on tours with him. Pall says that he tries to but his dog is very ill-behaved. Pall then says that if he could bring her anywhere, he would, then adds, “Well I don’t know if I’d bring her to China,” before cracking up. The interviewer then looks to the camera before trying to ask another question.

Responses from Twitter:

Of course, dogs are eaten in China… there’s a Dog Meat festival, for goodness sake. So is it really racist to point out a stereotype if that stereotype is true, even if it’s not true of the entirety of China? That’s a question we’ll leave up to our readers, but clearly, fans are not happy.