Vorso, a producer out of Bath, UK, has been one of the major champions for halftime drum and bass in the last year or so. He’s worked with the likes of Roger Wilco and was recently discovered by U.S. dubstep boss, Run DMT. Since then his track with Run, “Gamma Ray” has featured on Noisia radio as well as UKF.com.

Your EDM thought it best, now that this halftime talent has officially broken the U.S., so snap him up for a guest mix before Vorso fever really kicks into gear. This 20-minute mix is all the halftime jams Vorso thinks we all should know, and he should know. Despite it being halftime, this mix has an urgency and an energy that is sometimes left in the lurch with this new sub-genre. It’s danceable but mellow, just like much of Vorso’s work.

Vorso is due out with some more singles on Kill Your Ego soon, but in the meantime let this mini-mix smooth out the rough edges of your Monday and check out Vorso’s Soundcloud for more of his smooth but glitchy halftime steez.