Seasoned drum and bass heads will know what’s in store just by the very title of this article. When Crissy Criss, Erb N Dub and Malux team up on a track, there will inevitably be high-energy, jump up driven neuro. These RAM/Program stalwarts will be releasing “Tornado” and its b side, “Rollerball” on Andy C’s label Wednesday, September 15, and Your EDM has the premiere of the first track.

“Tornado” doesn’t have a lot of surprises in terms of the vocal sampling, but the weird, spiraling synth which winds its way around the whole track is an interesting twist (pardon the pun) on jumpy, steppy neurofunk. The steppiness is definitely there in the beat, with some classic ravey jump up sounds in the intro and breaks. Overall a great dancefloor track and a very Program offering. The two tracks release on Program Wednesday.