As EatBrain gains steam and recognition in the heavy drum and bass world, more and more artists are stepping up to make music with this label which only seems to have one rule: make it heavy. Case in point is the Spanish duo of Dub Elements and their EP Invasion, out now on Beatport but available worldwide this coming Monday, September 18. This seminal work from the genre-blending duo is an absolute must listen for those who like their drum and bass grinding, rolling and theatrical all at once.

On Dub Elements’s Soundcloud page, there’s a long sort of alien/space Viking/occult/Mad Max-themed story that is supposed to elucidate on the theme of the EP, but really it doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation. Dub Elements’ characteristic method of combining jump up, neurofunk, amen breaks and even the odd halftime break with intense, theatrical production and composition is out in full force.

The title track takes the dramatic and theatrical on board, with a long, beatless intro and an ominous, orchestral melody loop. The break is simply a vocal sample from what sounds like a 1950s alien movie, but once the track drops all those elements continue as a very neuro beat and grinding bassline comprise the main track. There’s an element of Pendulum here, as the production is so grand and the trajectory of the track seems to tell the same story as the written narrative the artists have provided.

“Brain Eaters” is another highlight of the EP and has a more straightforward vibe. With a jumpy beat which comes in from the jump, this track is neuro all the way. The synth is futuristic and grindy at the same time  with a simple vocal loop about – what else – “Brain Eaters.” This track also has a surprising amen break which is cut up during each break and at once point even merged with a second halftime break. It’s simplistic and creative at the same time.

The last three tracks on Invasion are collabs: with 20Hz Audio, Kung and Maniatics on “Get On,” Switcher,” and “Automatics,” respectively. “Get On” starts out minimal, almost like a Seba track but surprisingly goes, heavy, techy and big after the first break. “Switcher” also starts out a bit sparse, but there’s more indication that the drop will be big, and it is. It has a more jumpy vibe, which makes sense when Kung is involved. Finally, “Automatics” is techy to the highest degree, from intro to beat and sub bass to the space movie-style vocal loop.

Invasion is one of those EPs which can be tragically overlooked in the U.S. due to fans thinking the neuro market is cornered by the likes of Noisia and Critical, but EatBrain is setting out to change that with their new tour and with artists like Dub Elements who aim to wake up those of us with Neuro fatigue by being bolder, more shocking and as heavy as possible.

Invasion is out now and purchasable through Beatport, and will be available through other vehicles September 18. Keep an eye out for EatBrain tour dates during the fall and winter.