After years of hopping from label to label, Jay Cosmic seems to have finally found a home on Monstercat. Though fans are still as hyped as ever, this news really shouldn’t be shocking. The Vancouver-based indie label has been known – at least, in recent months – for bringing once well-known producers (Wolfgang Gartner, NERVOCandyland, etc.) back to relevancy by exposing their best qualities and talents.

While Jay Cosmic was once a household name in the EDM world (largely for his face-melting hardstyle remixes of big room songs like “Tsunami“), the aspiring producer seemed to fall right off the face of the earth after he made the jump to more melodic styles. Thankfully for everyone, Jay Cosmic has resurfaced with the newfound ability to combine his love for euphoric melodies and his hard-hitting sound design into one incredible package.

Entitled “Ascend,” Jay’s Monstercat debut is as astronomical as it sounds. Though the song might be a simple brostep banger on the surface, “Ascend” ultimately digs much deeper. Taking heavy influence from trance music, the track features a beautifully atmospheric intro, which helps keep the theme of euphoria running throughout the track, even into the drop. “Ascend” even features a high-energy four-on-the-floor drop toward the end of the track, will which have fans of Jay’s early music going absolutely wild.

“Ascend” is simply next-level. It’ll make you want to somehow cry, jump and bang your head all at the same time… and this is just the beginning. Don’t miss out on this astounding return, listen to “Ascend” below:

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