Over the past year, Adiidas has consistently put out some of the coolest tracks on SoundCloud, taking experimental trap music to the next level of weird. From his straight up heater “We Won’t Keep Silent” to one of his most recent, “About to Make” that literally drips with explorative sounds — Adiidas is one to watch closely!

The California-based producer’s musical journey began five years ago, when he started out making deep house music and dabbling with various genres. It wasn’t until he started listening to artists like TNGHT and Mr. Carmack that Adiidas found his own insanely unique, hybrid sound.

“Those guys opened my mind up. Their sound was so unique and gave me chills from listening to them. So I started Adiidas, which was trap but also experimenting with sounds,” Adiidas tells Your EDM.

“And, now I’m here showing you guys a different path from trap.”

Adiidas – About To Make

Adiidas is one of those artists I organically stumbled upon thanks to SoundCloud. “Fuck It” delivered that exciting feeling of hearing something completely fresh and original — which is a common reaction when first being exposed to his music.

“I’ve learned a lot of things from releasing from SoundCloud. I could be myself. I could create different sounds and beat patterns. That’s the beautiful thing — to show people how weird you can get!”

That self-awareness and weirdness has earned Adiidas a confident spot as a fast-rising producer in electronic music. This year has marked his first headlining show in Portland, Oregon and another upcoming performance in Reno, NV supporting Luca Lush at 1UP, he’s just getting started.

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