Krewella announced their star-studded “New World” tour last month, based on the name of their most recent EP. But it wasn’t until today that an actual track entitled “New World” was released – a collab with Yellow Claw, and featuring a tight verse by Taylor Bennett, as well.

The track features a hefty Eastern vibe in the drop, utilizing staccato string elements paired with some smaller brass instruments. Combined with the hip hop influence from Bennett as well as Krewella’s bars in the verses, the meld of all the styles brings about quite an enjoyable end result.

The origins of the song was first incepted when the Jahan and Yasmine “were thinking about how our multi-cultural experience, as part European, half-Pakistani girls growing up in Chicago and then moving to LA, and being able to travel the world, has made our life so colorful and has given us a unique perspective.” (Jahan of Krewella).

The song itself is loud and expressive, and the message clearly highlights the global exposure they’ve had through their career:

“‘New World’ is about cultural diversity. Embracing your skin color, flaunting your differences. Loving your ethnic background in a world that many times tells you to hate it. The world is going to be a bunch of mixed kids someday. The real melting pot. That is the New World.” (Yasmine of Krewella)

With the start of their 28-date, North American tour only 3 days away, Krewella will be unveiling a brand new visual experience with new stage production.

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