Rezz has not only proven herself as one of the leading acts in the scene in just a short time — but she has also crafted a previously untapped production style, and a cult-like following that craves her distinct sound to go with it.

“Space Mom,” as her fans lovingly refer to her, exhibits a special kind of artistry. Her sound is so recognizable and unmistakable that you could hear her at a music festival from stages away and confidently determine: “That sounds like Rezz.”

The producer/DJ (and we say it in that order) gave her two cents on generic sounding DJ sets, and her opinion is one to take note of:

For example: we’ve all heard it — the same “Goosebumps” NGHTMRE drop — regardless of if it’s actually him on the stage or not. Nothing against NGHTMRE, obviously, that’s just the first song that came to mind after hearing it all summer long.

Another example: “Chicken Soup” by Skrillex x Habstrakt is playing — but who the hell is playing it?! Who really knows. Who really cares — that’s my JAM!

Banger after banger after banger, DJs sometimes choose playing to the crowd over playing to their own taste or artistry. On the flip side, DJs drawing in crowds with popular tracks can attract a fanbase that will later be exposed to that artist’s productions.

There’s really nothing wrong with either way of doing things, but what Rezz is saying here is completely valid. Playing it safe doesn’t push the boundaries, whereas taking a risk could expose people to something new and grow our music culture exponentially. Thanks for the insight, Rezz!