We’ve already featured more than a couple remixes of Cardi B’s smash hit “Bodak Yellow” on Your EDM, but there are just so many that a definitive list of the top 5 remixes is absolutely necessary. Most of the remixes that we’ve already featured make it onto this list as well, so here are the top 5.

The 5 best “Bodak Yellow” remixes

Y2K remix

Y2K takes the track and puts an understated and slower trap beat on it, with warped synths and plenty of those rolling hats.

Slimez remix

Moving away from trap, we get to Slimez who puts an insane synth sequence on the track, creating a dubstep sound that is unique and highly memorable.

CID remix

We’ve seen trap, and then, dubstep, so what’s next? House. CID puts a four on the floor beat for the remix which bangs and slides its way through the speakers with an absolutely addictive  rhythm.

Wenzday remix

Moving along the chain of genres, we get to bass house with Wenzday. We get a little less melodic than CID in the house department, but we jump back up to the energy of the Slimez remix.

Nathaniel Knows & SweetLick rewrap

Wrapping up our list is the Nathaniel Knows and SweetLick “rewrap,” putting a spin on the remix somewhere between garage, deep house, and bass house. The blend of styles keeps you interested and your feet moving throughout the track.