Imminent doom has never sounded so enticing — that’s because JUDGE has a certain way of crafting his beats so you can’t take your ears off them.

The LA-based producer’s latest, “Doom” intros with an eerie, detuned sound that peaks immediate curiosity, building into a slow and steady drop that uses time and space to its advantage. Each beat, each whine of each synth, makes for one of JUDGE’s most intentional and best original tracks to date.

JUDGE’s own style is written all over this, but I must bring up the comparison to Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “Illest Motherfucker Alive” from Watch The Throne — somewhere deep within this new release lives a glimpse of that sound and the power behind that epic track, making “Doom” even more bad ass.

If you’ve stumbled upon the rising producer’s SoundCloud profile, you already know his ability to remix and reinvent everything from Rihanna, to Young Dro, to TLC, to They and so many more. Not to mention that Judge x Whipped Cream – “Unforgettable” Remix we recently premiered. JUDGE has a fresh perspective on hip hop, and it’s interesting to see the places he takes his originals without centerpiece vocals.

He has also produced for Young Thug and Dev among others, and worked with josh pan, Y2K, Ekali, Dylan Brady and more. JUDGE is definitely one to look out for.

Listen to the premiere of “Doom” right here, and link up with JUDGE below!


Album Art by Mikey Joyce

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