Those of us in the US are probably most familiar with Australian duo Bombs Away from their insanely viral videos, but their success in their home country is unparalleled; their longstanding career has earned them two platinum records for ‘Super Soaker’ and ‘Party Bass’, gold for ‘Big Booty Bitches’, ARIA nominations, countless ARIA club chart top 10s, a #1 on the US viral charts, and have reached over a billion people with their music and videos online. However, it is now that Bombs Away are set to take the biggest step in their career to date, with the release of the first single “Like You” feat. Elle Vee, from their forthcoming debut album Fragments due early next year.

Although becoming known for their unique blend of electro house, bounce, trap and hip hop, “Like You” is a glimpse into the future for Bombs Away, with all aspects of song-writing and production taking a further step towards a dance crossover hit, however, still maintaining the quintessential Bombs Away magic.

Sketch explains, “Like You is a labor of love that has been a long time coming, we’ve included some familiar elements that will be recognizable to existing Bombs fans, but we’ve been working really hard to bring something that’s been inspiring us lately to life.”

The music video that comes along with the video paints a scene of a woman held captive, desperately trying to express her own individuality but constantly controlled by a overpowering figure. Watch and listen below: