Zeds Dead‘s new music video for “Blood Brother” with DISKORD and Reija Lee takes an interesting angle — instead of involving a typical, human-focused scenario, the story is told from the perspective of man’s best friend. For any dog lover, or animal lover in general, this is a must-watch.

The main character, an absolutely adorable, mixed doggo, leaves his owner to go exploring. In the meantime, he causes some mischief, makes a new friend, and things get a little out of hand along the way. From the dog’s perspective, the world is a little confusing, but overall an innocent place. For humans, choices and intentions aren’t so easily placed.

Sorry for getting all deep, but dogs have that affect on me… I think the main takeaways are — be kind to others, and what’s meant to be will find a way. Just be a good person and/or dog.

Oh yeah, and the song is pretty awesome, too! Watch “Blood Brother” below!

Zeds Dead x DISKORD x Reija Lee – Blood Brother – Official Video