Having to keep quiet about the Zhu x Nero collaboration that we knew was coming was one of the hardest things to do in my career as an EDM journalist, but now that it’s finally out, nearly every conversation of mine over the past couple of months has gone like this…

Them: “Hi, I’m ‘so and so’.”
Me: “Hi, I’m Matt. Have you heard about our lords and saviors Zhu x Nero?”

I’m exaggerating, of course, but their song “Dreams” is really that good.

Today marks the release of the official music video for “Dreams,” a strange and experimental (and NSFW) exercise in nude CGI and loose story telling. The vibe of the video fits perfectly with the song itself, despite its obvious oddities.

Turn up the volume and turn up the brightness, and watch the video for “Dreams” below.

In addition to the video, ZHU is bringing his Blacklizt party to San Francisco for New Years Eve and tickets are on sale now.