Josh Hawkins, aka Super Duper, is a name you need to know. He’s an incredibly talented producer who has found his own niche between pop and future bass, and it’s truly a beautiful sound. His latest endeavor is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Quinn Lewis, titled “Hollow”, that is anything but that.

The track is electrifying that can’t help but keep you bobbing your head the whole time. Lewis’s voice is a perfect fit for the track, adding the perfect layer on top to make “Hollow” a great release for these two, a collaboration hopefully we will hear soon!

Josh told us, ‘Hollow’ was a pretty effortless collaboration with Quinn Lewis and one of my favorite writers, Kenny Fleetwood. All three of us have worked together quite a bit, mostly on songs for Quinn’s own artist project, so it was a no-brainer to bring them in on my Super Duper project. Quinn has a great voice, but was gracious enough to let me tweak and manipulate his vocals quite a bit on this song.

There’s no doubt Super Duper is a beast in the studio and the work he did here with Quinn Lewis is nothing short of spectacular. Listen to “Hollow” exclusively below!