Jantsen is increasingly becoming kind of a big deal in the dubstep world. The Denver Native began making dubstep in his hometown in 2008 and since then has worked with Bassnectar and Dirt Monkey and has been lauded for his super-clean dub-and-jazz infused style on tracks like “Sultan of Swing” and “In the Mood.” Now with his own label Kairos Audio, Jantsen is releasing a series of three tracks this fall, starting with “Menace,” out today, September 25.

In keeping with his usual quality, “Menace” is super-clean production-wise and in the mixdown to the extend that even if listeners are not into heavy dub dubstep, it’s a highly listenable and danceable track. “Menace” starts out big and bold and ravey, with a first break before the drop which is an actual old school breakbeat. The bass synth is sparse but theatrical, punching up the dub vocals before a second break takes the track into a more techy brostep vibe. It then loops around with all these styles back and forth between dub and rave before ending with the same breakbeat break as the intro.

If “Menace” is any preview of the next tracks in Jantsen’s new series, dubstep fans can prepare for a lot of high energy festival beats to enhance their fall listening. “Menace” is out now on Kairos. Check the Kairos website or Jantsen’s Soundcloud for purchase and streaming links.