Residents of Los Angeles may be fairly familiar with the Hollywood Hills ‘party houses.’ These refer to homes up on the hills rented out by property owners to short terms guests who transform these glitzy residences up on the hills into massive house parties.

Now, following complaints from actual residents of Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles city is moving towards cracking down on these parties by targeting two notorious houses following scores of complaints from neighbors. The homeowner of 7800 Electra Drive and property managers of 2600 La Cuesta Drive have just been charged with multiple misdemeanors related to maintaining a public nuisance.

City Attorney Mike Feuer had this to say about the charges: “It’s completely unacceptable for residential homes to be rented out every few weeks for massive parties that attract hundreds of guests, blast music throughout the night and block streets, disrupting peace and quiet in our neighborhoods.”

Kamran Younai owner of the unit at 7800 Electra Drive has been charged with 16 misdemeanors, including 10 counts of maintaining a public nuisance after receiving a written notice, and six counts of engaging in illegal short-term rentals. These charges carry a sentence of up to eight years in jail and $16,000 in fines.

Rose Garcia the property manager at 2600 La Cuesta Drive has been charged with 10 misdemeanors including seven counts of maintaining a public nuisance after receiving a written notice, two counts of permitting the emission of loud and raucous noise through an amplifying device and one count of excessive noise. She’ll face up to three years in jail and $7,000 in fines if convicted. According to city officials, the unit under her management currently belongs to a Belgian princess.


H/T: LA Times