Electric vehicles are the future. Whatever the current administration says about fossil fuels and reviving coal plants, there’s no denying that the world is turning toward renewable energy en masse, including the most popular form of transportation in the world: the automobile.

One of the most iconic brands in the electric vehicle game is Tesla, whose sleek and stylish cars have become the haute couture of the automobile industry for the environmentally conscious. However, Porsche is looking to muscle in on that territory with a new model that promises to be affordable, environmentally friendly, and damn good looking.

The Mission E electric concept sedan that was first unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor show was revealed at this year’s show to be approved for production, and will be available for purchase in 2019.

In addition to its sleek design, the benchmarks are nothing to sneeze at, either. According to Car magazine, the vehicle will sport (pardon the pun) “separate front and rear 300-horsepower electric drivetrains [which will] provide all-wheel drive,” as well as four-wheel steering “for nimble handling and easier urban parking.”

The Mission E will go from 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds with a computer-limited top speed of 155 mph.

As far as charging, it can hit 80% charge in just 15 minutes – a figure that’s hard to promise even for smaller batteries such as those in smartphones. The car’s rated driving range is 300 miles, so just 15 minutes plugged in to a Porsche charger will yield 250 miles of driving range, according to Car.

Pricing will place the Mission E on par with an entry-level Panamera, which starts at about $85,000 in the U.S.

Most notably, that price point is cheaper than a Tesla S P100D – its primary competitor – which goes for around $135,000.


via Maxim