Paperwings are at it again and I couldn’t be more excited! They never cease to amaze with their signature melody driven, high energy tracks. This new one is no different and even takes the project to a new level. Remixing the Dave Audé track “All The Rules” feat. Ben Thornewill, the duo take the original track to new heights with a new set of wings. This track will surely be on repeat for a long time!

The track begins with chords complimented by a guitar riffing on a melody. As Thornewill takes the listener on a journey through a troubled relationship, Paperwings craft unforgettable feelings with the instrumentation of the remix that give purpose to Thornewill’s words. While they are known for their melodies and packing in energy to their tracks, this one brings a whole new taste of what the duo is capable of. With crafty rhythms and beautiful melodies, you wont stop listening.

Check out the full track below: