The duo Matisse & Sadko are nicknamed “Russia’s finest export” for a reason. After numerous successful originals, and three highly viral collaborations with Martin Garrix, the two have reached new heights in their musical careers. And now, with their latest single “HNDZ Up,” they’re playing musical convention in the best way.

At just 2 minutes 34 seconds, the track needs to get into the meat quickly, and it does – the first drop goes down with just 15 seconds of foreplay. It descends into a wild big room electro banger with dancehall percussion and out of this world instrumentation, and then flows seamlessly into a classic hip hop beat reminiscent of the ’90s west coast scene.

The new single on Dim Mak is the perfect example of Matisse & Sadko’s diversity as producers while keeping the energy up to its max. Check out the new single below!

Matisse & Sadko – HNDZ Up