At this point, the whole world knows that Skrillex finally dropped his remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” – there’s certainly been enough circle jerking on reddit, that’s for sure. However, for as much as people have been craving the remix, we’ve actually been getting more messages about the remix’s similarity to a song created by producer Medasin, entitled “Territory.” And Medasin noticed it, too.

The part of the tracks in question is the quartet in the drop, as the bass goes “bahm bahm bahm bahm.” Skrillex’s takeaway is permeated by the original vocal from “Humble,” but it’s undeniable that the arrangement and design of the sound is decidedly similar to Medasin’s “Territory.”

“Territory” was released 8 months ago, a couple months before the “Humble” remix was first unveiled at Form Arcosanti in May.

For the record, we’re not accusing Skrillex of anything here – but the similarities are there plain as day. The same thing happened when Skrillex released “Purple Lamborghini,” and people heard similarities to Joyryde’s “Windows Down,” which also featured Rick Ross. Except in that case, Joyryde and Skrillex had had some legitimate interaction – they might even have a collaboration in the works. In this case, it’s hard to see any time that Medasin and Skrillex have crossed paths. However, Skrillex did just follow Medasin on Twitter, so we have to assume they’re DM’ing, working this out.

You can listen to both tracks below and decide for yourself.


Photo via Jas Davis